Developing an integrated tracking and control system for a new drug manufacturing plant.

Customer Profile: A pharmaceutical plant producing anti-infective treatments against serious and often life-threatening infections. Background: During extreme weather, this facility experienced a power failure that started on Friday and carried into Saturday causing their control systems to be unresponsive. When the plant’s generator failed, logs revealed that their systems did not recover, and their access […]

How one Specialty Pharmaceutical Company reduced risk and improved data integrity

Aseptic Production Facility Capacity Expansion

Background Our client, a multi-billion-dollar specialty pharmaceutical company, has been providing high-quality products to a large portfolio for over 150 years. They observed a steady decline in production levels and were looking to their historized data to diagnose the issue. However, they quickly realized that they only had 90 days of historized data. This duration […]

Greenfield site for Oncology medicines

Greenfield site for Oncology medicines

Context: Greenfield site for Oncology medicines in a parenteral format supporting commercial and clinical operations Pain: New facility with new staff and new unit operations. Getting production up and running in a timely manner while minimizing the possibilities for human error based on inattention to detail or inexperience with the process. Solution: An integrated platform […]

A Tin Plating System That’s Worth It’s Weight in Gold

A Tin Plating System That's Worth It's Weight in Gold

Avid Solutions takes an outdated, underperforming electroplating system and turns it into an efficient, state-of-the-art, well-oiled machine that will stand the test of time. Background The client is a full-service fabrication, machining and electroplating operation that has been providing finished components to a wide range of manufacturers since 1986. They were long overdue for an […]

Outcome-Based Engineering Case Study

Outcome-Based Engineering Case Study

The Optimization of Evaporators Background Our client was coping with a daunting combination of performance issues with their multiple evaporators: throughput issues, energy costs, and product quality. In response, we completed an Outcome-Based Engineering (OBE) field study of an evaporator and determined several operational improvement opportunities. The OBE study determined that adding instrumentation, a variable […]