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Modern network switch with cables.

Accessing data from all process system are critical to optimizing performance. Production, quality, health and safety, and environmental compliance all count on accurate data.  Avid’s team of control system and networking experts, make connecting systems easy!

A recent example of our capabilities involved a provider of healthcare products. This producer called on Avid to upgrade and connect several inaccessible Allen Bradley PLC’s.

To do this, Avid created six (6) FactoryTalk ME applications in FactoryTalk SE. This effort including security, animation, and alarms. Avid consolidated 100 FTME screens into a handful of precise, clean FTSE graphics. These graphics allow operators to control operation and track alarms from one location.

Several remote PLC’s required tactful communication solutions. To accomplish this, Avid installed and configured the following hardware:

  • 2 Network Panels, with drawings and an HFAT
  • 3 1783 Stratix 5700 Switches
  • 2 1783 NATR Devices
  • 1 ProSoft PLX51-DF1 Module
  • 1 1756-EN2T Ethernet Module
  • 1 1761-NET-ENI Module

The Result: The project was on time and on budget! Operators are now able to track all remote PLC’s functions across the plant. It is no longer necessary to send a technician to the field to do so. Operators are aware of and able to respond to alarms and process variances. As a result, the data from these PLC’s are now integral to the safe, secure, and profitable  operation of the facility.

Customers choose Avid’s PlantPAx experts for projects like this and more.  We make integrating PLC’s and all DCS’s easy!

For an initial consultation on how we can help your operation run better, contact us here.  

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