Pulp and Paper

Pulp and Paper

Producers of pulp and paper face daily pressure to get products to market on time.  Especially so during these demanding times.  As a provider of solutions to this industry, the team at Avid is proud of how these made-in-America producers have stepped up to keep essential products on shelves.

Continuous production is necessary to achieve these results.  Flawless execution of many different processes is required to maintain production.  Avid’s Process Experts apply expertise and technology to help our clients achieve these results. A clear focus on reducing unplanned downtime is integral to all our solutions.

Minimizing unplanned downtime is a challenge shared by all producers of pulp and paper. Unplanned downtime kills profits and cripples commitments to your customers. Studies show that unplanned downtime on a single paper machine can cost over $20,000 dollars a minute and a unplanned mill outage over $1MM/day. Avid works very hard to provide predictive maintenance solutions to reduce this cost of these unplanned events.

Studies show that less than 50% of producers embrace a robust predictive maintenance program. Many producers want to accelerate the adoption of solutions that prevent unplanned downtime. Yet, the costs to develop and maintain these systems can be a barrier to adoption. Avid makes adoption of these solutions easier (and less expensive) using IIoT-based technologies.

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We do not stop there! The ultimate value we provide to our clients is reliable asset performance. Check out our xTensilibity program to learn more.

Finally, our Process Experts and Technical Innovators work hard every day to help or customers. Our can-do attitude and focus on customer success make for a low-impedance journey toward running better.

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Eliminate Unplanned Downtime

Unplanned Downtime

We provide technologies to monitor asset health and predict failure events in rotating equipment.

Optimize Asset and Process Performance

Asset Optimization

We integrate digitally enabled technologies to monitor and optimize control performance on critical processes.

Eliminate Non-Value Added Costs

Sustainable Profitability

We employ state of the art technologies that lower installed and life cycle costs for digitization and modernization projects.

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