Hydrogen economy

Hydrogen Economy

Hydrogen Economy represents a significant change to mobility, manufacturing, power generation, and societal challenges around climate change. The decline in renewable energy cost, government and corporate policies, and society’s willingness to address decarbonization, have set up favorable conditions for the Hydrogen Economy to rapidly grow. Almost all H2 produced currently is considered Gray Hydrogen as it’s produced from fossil fuels. Green Hydrogen is produced from renewable electricity through electrolysis and is considered an important strategy in Decarbonization.

Green Hydrogen Production  Green H2 production plants are rapidly being constructed by integrating a collection of modular technologies. While often the focus is on electrolyzer technology, the complexity in operability of the plant resides in the interconnectivity, coordination, and support of Water Treatment Systems, Electrolyzers, Liquefaction & Compression Systems, Cooling Systems, Storage & Distribution Systems, Power Mgmt. & Curtailment, and Fire and Gas/Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS).

Purposeful Innovation – Avid understands ultimately systems must be safe and easy to operate and maintain. Deploying technology for the sake of deploying technology is not wise. There are technology options based on the specific needs of each project and client. Avid specializes on driving repeatable solutions based on standard OT designs which integrate seamlessly and provide the foundation for further optimization and digital solutions. Future digital solutions can be phased in when you’re ready – such as Remote Operation Centers, Remote Support, Predictive Maintenance, and Asset Performance Mgmt. Management across a fleet of assets. 

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) – Avid helps leading Process OEM and Process Licensors standardize their EI&C, Automation, and Operational Technologies (OT) to reduce reducing project risk and time to market. Avid is currently working with Electrolyzer OEMs, H2 Liquefaction Licensors, Compressor OEMs, and Green H2 Production Plants to drive standards and repeatability.

Avid’s Digital Solutions For The Hydrogen Economy

  • Smart manufacturing solutions to optimize your designs and reduce project risks.
  • Increase the stickyness and value of your OEM solution.
  • Use of scalable platforms and industry experience to quickly take ideas and start-ups to production at scale.
  • IIoT and Manufacturing Operations Management systems to measure, analyze, and improve raw material usage and waste generation.

If you’re struggling to optimize your OEM Packages, or Licensed Process Solutions, or your Green Hydrogen Production Facility’s Automation and Operational Technology, Avid can help!

Why work with Avid?

  • Recognized Sustainability Partner By Rockwell Automation for H2 Economy.
  • We are focused on operations, optimization, and predicting asset issues that adversely affect sustainability efforts.
  • We understand purposeful innovation is key to solving circular economy challenges at scale.
  • We are built on agility. We’re a low-impedance partner, easy to do business with. 


If you are ready to INNOVATE, OPTIMIZE, and TRANSFORM your operations, Avid is eager to help! Contact Avid here for an initial discussion.

For additional insights or to learn more on how we solve client issues, check out our xTend and xTensibility  programs. 

Eliminate Unplanned Downtime

Unplanned Downtime

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Asset Optimization

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