Empowered and Future-Proof Operations

Chemical producers face many challenges to safely and profitably operate while striving for differentiation from competition. More than ever, producers must increase their value to their customers through innovation and sustainable production.

Part of the struggle is due to antiquated Operational Technologies (i.e. technical debt) which inhibits continuous improvements and digitalization initiatives; Shortage of experienced operators, engineers, and support resources; and difficulty in bringing new processes online quickly. These challenges may seem overwhelming when deciding where to start, standards and guidelines to follow, technologies to adopt, and developing an Operational Technologies plan.

Avid’s Process Experts apply decades of delivering solutions and system integration with plant operations experience to overcome challenges and achieve your business outcomes. We design and deploy scalable and innovative digital solutions to integrate people, processes, and technology. 

Why work with Avid?

  • We’ve been in your shoes. We leverage deep operational experience to help you manufacture smarter.
  • We act like an owner, we are built on agility, and we excel at purpose-driven innovation.
  • We are focused on operations, predicting asset issues, lowering unplanned downtime, and driving down support costs.
  • We are a pacesetter in remote system deployment, support, and optimization.
  • We’re a low-impedance partner and easy to do business with


If you are ready to INNOVATE, OPTIMIZE, and TRANFORM your operations, Avid is eager to help! Contact Avid here for an initial discussion.

For additional insights or to learn more on how we solve client issues, check out our xTend and xTensibility  programs.

Eliminate Unplanned Downtime

Unplanned Downtime

We provide technologies to monitor asset health and predict failure events in rotating equipment. Learn More

Optimize Asset and Process Performance

Asset Optimization

We integrate digitally enabled technologies to monitor and optimize control performance of critical processes.

Eliminate Non-Value Added Costs

Sustainable Profitability

We employ state of the art technologies that lower installed and life cycle costs for digitization and modernization projects.

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