UnPlanned Downtime

Unplanned Downtime

Avid applies its process expertise in a results-focused application of technologies from  Semiotic Labs and  Samara to provide the best end-to-end solution for reducing unplanned downtime caused by failure of motors driving rotating equipment.  By integrating advanced analytics applied to a motor’s electrical waveform, and IP67-rated vibration and temperature sensors located on the asset itself, Avid provides a holistic, real-time, solution for preventing unplanned downtime.

SAM4 from Semiotic Labs predicts motor failure within a 4-month horizon with 90% accuracy.   For an overview of this technology check out an overview here.

Samsara contributes blue-tooth enabled sensors that epoxy to a motors casing, sending high frequency vibration and temperature data through a blue-tooth gateway.  Check out this technology here.

Finally, Avid can remotely deploy these technologies and integrate data from these sources, along with process data, into a unified view, sending data, updates and alerts to user’s operator stations and mobile devices.

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