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Motors that drive rotating equipment power our industries.  Unplanned downtime as a result of motor failure kills profits and disrupts supply chains. When they fail, profits evaporate each minute they are offline. Traditional methods for predicting and preventing failures are expensive to install and maintain.

Avid’s partners provide low-cost of entry solutions as an alternative to vibration-based solutions.

Avid applies technologies from  Semiotic Labs and  Samara to reduce unplanned downtime.

SAM4’s advanced analytics applied to a motor’s electrical waveform predict failures over a 4-month horizon. SAM4 does this with a 90% degree of accuracy. For an overview of this technology check out an overview here.

Samsara’s IP67-rated, blue-tooth enabled vibration and temperature sensors attach to a motors casing. These sensors provide high frequency data to the enhance the solution. Check out this technology here.

Coupled with SAM4, this solution captures both electrical and mechanical attributes of the asset.  This is completely unique in the industry.

To complete the application, Avid integrates real-time process data generated by the asset. As a result, this solution develops a complete picture of asset health.  The analytics applied to the data identify abnormal conditions that can lead to unplanned downtime, and off-quality products.   

At Avid, we understand the challenges involved operators and reliability engineers face. We work every day to develop solutions to help meet these challenges.  We are passionate about reducing our clients unplanned downtime, improving asset reliability.

To learn how we can help you meet your unique challenges, Contact us today.