Sustainability system integrationAvid is committed to helping you achieve your sustainability goals through the application of Operational Technologies (OT) and Digital Solutions. From Decarbonization to Circular Economy, we apply our energy, resources, and expertise to drive sustainability solutions.

Using Agile methodologies, operations experience, and the latest technologies, Avid reduces time-to-value around decarbonization, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, waste minimization, water intensity, and energy management (WAGES – Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, and Steam).

If you’re struggling how to measure, analyze, improve, and sustain gains in your sustainability efforts, we can help! 

Why work with Avid?

  • We are focused on operations, optimization, and predicting asset issues that adversely affect sustainability efforts.
  • We understand purposeful innovation is key to solving sustainability challenges at scale.
  • We are built on agility.
  • We’re a low-impedance partner, easy to do business with.

Avid walks the walk!

We have reduced our carbon footprint by installing solar power coupled with the use of advanced LED lighting technologies from CREE at our corporate offices. 

We share your passion for meeting our current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.


If you are ready to INNOVATE, OPTIMIZE, and TRANFORM your operations, Avid is eager to help! Contact Avid here for an initial discussion.

For additional insights or to learn more on how we solve client issues, check out our xTend and xTensibility  programs.

Eliminate Unplanned Downtime

Unplanned Downtime

We provide technologies to monitor asset health and predict failure events in rotating equipment. Learn More

Optimize Asset and Process Performance

Asset Optimization

We integrate digitally enabled technologies to monitor and optimize control performance of critical processes.

Eliminate Non-Value Added Costs

Sustainable Profitability

We employ state of the art technologies that lower installed and life cycle costs for digitization and modernization projects.

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