Avid’s Process Experts and Technical Innovators apply  digitally-enabled applications to eliminate downtime, optimize processes, and reduce maintenance cost. Avid applies our partners  leading edge technologies  using our decades of process and process control experience to produce sustainable, stable, and safe operations. 

The xTensibility program ensures employee safety while driving higher OEE.  Build an Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing infrastructure using high-value, low cost of entry solutions. 

Ensure Employee Safety

Ensure Employee

Eliminate Unplanned Downtime

Eliminate Unplanned

Optimize Asset and Process Performance

Optimize Asset and
Process Performance

Safety First - Value-Driven Solutions, Eliminating Contact & Reducing Costs

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For ROI Estimates for xTensibility Solutions Tailored for your Processes, please contact us.

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Remotely Deployable Condition Monitoring Solutions


Remotely Deployable Solutions to Optimize Process Performance

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Remotely Deployable Solutions for Maintenance Services