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When The Lights Go Out
Customer Profile:
A pharmaceutical plant producing anti-infective treatments against serious and often life-threatening infections.
The client’s facility experienced a power failure. It started on a weekend resulting in the control systems being unresponsive. Log files showed that the systems did not recover. When one of the three servers would not respond due to the single boot disk failure, they called Avid for emergency support.
The Avid team found more than 38 VMs in a panic state. The VMWare host lost its ability to cache drive operations. Avid’s engineers accessed the status of the plant’s critical equipment. They then worked hand in hand with the client to develop a robust disaster recovery plan.
Avid found both backup NAS servers in the same room. Not a best practice! They were vulnerable to a potential activation of the water sprinkler system. Such an event would destroy production services and prevent proper system recovery.
Decrypting backups also required proper credentials. This complicated recovery efforts. As a result, the client faced product recalls and/ or a potential effort to rebuild the business with lost pass words or damaged equipment.
A collaborative effort restored all systems to proper and secure function. Avid then designed and deployed a robust disaster recovery plan.
All Manufacturers need a robust disaster recovery plan. Such a plan insures no loss of critical data due to catastrophic events.
Contact us to arrange a discussion! Your journey to secure data infrastructure starts with Avid!

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