Nuclear power plant

Nuclear Power Plant

Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) – Many NPPs are licensed to extend their operating life well into the future. As a result, many NPPs have obsolete Automation Systems and Operational Technology (OT) in use. These are hard to support and maintain and are limited in their ability to be expanded to support digitalization efforts. This poses a challenge to the highly regulated industry on how to safely and effectively upgrade technologies.

Nuclear Power Plant system integration

To meet Decarbonization goals, CO2 emissions will need to be halved globally over the next ten years through the expansion of Solar, Wind, Hydro, EVs, H2 Economy, and Nuclear Power. Nuclear Power Plants (NPP) and the energy they produce are essential to decarbonization. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), Nuclear Power is the second largest source of low-carbon electricity in the world today. 

Avid’s experts in Operational Technologies (OT), Regulations, and Long-Experience with NPPs can help you navigate your modernization challenges.

Are you challenged with where to begin your modernization project? Such as how to determine scope, weigh options with an un-biased partner, understand investment costs, and develop a schedule? You’re not alone. Many struggle with the myriad of challenges with modernizing NPP control systems, information systems, and secure networks. Let Avid help you safely and securely modernize!

 Solutions for your Nuclear Power Plant

  • Front-End Loading (FEL) services to set scope, schedules, and project execution requirements based on your needs.
  • Modernization technical experience with Industrial Data Centers (IDC) and Networks, Information Systems, and all major PLC & DCS systems.
  • Modernizations and full automation, controls, information solutions, networking, and system integration services.
  • Balance of Plant (BOP) sub-system integration and modernizations.

If you’re struggling how to accelerate your modernization, we can help! 

Why work with Avid?

  • We are focused on operations, optimization, and predicting asset issues that adversely affect sustainability efforts.
  • We understand highly regulated industries with experience in Life Sciences, Hydrogen Production, Chemical Safety Systems, and Nuclear Power Generation.
  • We are built on agility.
  • We’re a low-impedance partner, easy to do business with.


If you are ready to INNOVATE, OPTIMIZE, and TRANFORM your operations, Avid is eager to help! Contact Avid here for an initial discussion.

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Eliminate Unplanned Downtime

Unplanned Downtime

We provide technologies to monitor asset health and predict failure events in rotating equipment. Learn More

Optimize Asset and Process Performance

Asset Optimization

We integrate digitally enabled technologies to monitor and optimize control performance of critical processes.

Eliminate Non-Value Added Costs

Sustainable Profitability

We employ state of the art technologies that lower installed and life cycle costs for digitization and modernization projects.

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