Avid to the Rescue! Emergency Support Restores Critical Data Link.

The hardware and software for our mobile devices, PCs, and other consumer electronics are constantly updated—often automatically. However, many industrial automation end users operate specialized systems that can remain in service for years or decades without maintenance. When these systems fail, and local support is not available, the resulting unplanned downtime results in irretrievable lost […]

Navigating to NetZero: Investment in Innovation.

An excellent article by McKinsey, and a must read for anyone interested it where investment in technologies to decarbonize the energy supply chain, and promote green production of foods and other manufactured goods are being made. The Avid team is doing its part in the drive to Net Zero by developing standards that Innovate, Optimize, […]

Using IIoT Is Important for Keeping Next-Gen Workers Engaged!

Next-Generation at Work

By 2025 Millennials and Gen Z will make up at least 75% of the global work force. As with Gen X and the Baby Boomers before them, these young professionals will change the way that companies run their business and produce their products. The Next Gen workforce grew up during a technological revolution that continues to […]

Accelerating the Adoption of Advanced Analytics

In 2020, the world experienced massive changes in supply chains, impacting everything from raw materials procurement to production and delivery of critical goods. As manufacturers pivoted operations to meet the increase in demand for their products, the adoption of advanced analytics has accelerated. However, despite the general understanding of the benefits of advanced analytics, many […]

Operation Warp Speed – Avid Helps to Make It Happen!

The government initiative, Operation Warp Speed, tasks scientists to develop and provide millions of doses of COVID-19 vaccine safely, effectively, and rapidly.  It also requires the design of custom equipment to create test vaccines and production capabilities to mass produce them.  One of Avid’s customers secured contracts to make multiple custom filtration skids to manufacture […]

Expanding Digital Service Experience for Projects

Young Asian woman with a ping-pong racket isolated on white

Projects constantly face risks which can create production delays, cost over-runs, personnel safety incidences, poor equipment reliability, and decreased quality of work. At Avid, we believe these risks are not acceptable, and entirely preventable. This is why we adopted the use of the E+H Digital Commissioning App! Field Xpert SMT70 with Digital Commissioning App Benefits […]

Secure Backbone for a Beverage Bottler

Cyber Security

Avid is currently engaged with one of the largest Beverage Bottling & Distribution companies in the US, having multiple Bottling, Distribution and Automated Warehouse facilities within the Southeast, Midwest and Mid-Atlantic portions of the US.  The priority requirements and justification for site modernization were multiple; namely, to provide a standardized, highly available (i.e. resilient, redundant […]

Counting on Avid: A Sole Source Solutions Provider!

nutrient applicator

A producer of fertilizers and pesticides that sustain crops world-wide is significantly expanding their operations at one of their world-class processing plants.  The greenfield expansion will include two processing units, utility modifications, as well as a rail car loadout station.   The new facilities involve multiple companies from the United States and Europe. They will […]