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Welcome to xPress, Avid’s Online Estimator. It is the first step in the project planning for process control systems.

Need an estimate for automation projects quickly and hassle free?  Under a deadline to produce automation budgets for next year?

Avid’s xPress Online Estimator can help! – XPress provides capital planners, consultants, and engineers vendor-neutral budgetary (± 12.5%) process control system estimates in a matter of seconds.  

Accuracy may vary for systems under 200 I/O.

On-Line Estimate

Thank you for evaluating the xPress Estimate Result. Avid is pleased to provide you this budgetary estimate. Avid will contact you to show how using the xTend project delivery methodology reduces overall project costs.


This information is intended only for the person that enabled the calculator. Unless otherwise indicated, it contains information that is confidential, privileged and/or exempt from disclosure under applicable law. The results are confidential and not be shared with third parties without the expressed consent from Avid Solutions.

xTend can help reduce overall cost compared to traditionally executed projects.

For privacy reasons, this estimate will be available for 2 minutes