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Cyber Security

Avid is currently engaged with one of the largest Beverage Bottling & Distribution companies in the US, having multiple Bottling, Distribution and Automated Warehouse facilities within the Southeast, Midwest and Mid-Atlantic portions of the US.  The priority requirements and justification for site modernization were multiple; namely, to provide a standardized, highly available (i.e. resilient, redundant and secured) process control network infrastructure to enable:

  1. Improved connectivity and communication reliability between systems and line equipment; enabling ethernet connectivity to all legacy equipment
  2. Secured infrastructure communications with deterministic paths and isolation; standardized addressing definition from site-to-site with secured segmentation
  3. Collection of common data through a standardized Data Concentrator to northbound ICS/SCADA feeding performance data to all business & process analytic systems
  4. Secured VPN access for remote vendors connectivity for hands-on support; reducing response times, return to service delays and associated travel expenses
  5. Future extension capabilities related to rising technologies (such as IIoT and Vision) as part of a forward-thinking growth path

This new infrastructure design is the backbone for all business analytics and process performance analysis applications that are being planned, developed and utilized within the organization.  Our continued strategic partnership and consultative guidance will enable the client to maintain a competitive advantage and pioneering spirit associated with innovation and technology adoption.

To shore up and secure your process control network, contact Avid today!

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