How Avid Delivered on the Promise: An SAP Integration Exclusive

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Let’s face it – flawless integration of disparate systems is always a goal – but one that is rarely met. Achieving this goal requires choosing a partner that meets distinct project requirements.

When a world-class producer of orange juice needed to upgrade its SAP system, they chose Avid Solutions.

They chose Avid based on its ability to meet the distinct project requirements. These requirements were Process Knowledge, Dedicated Resources, and Training Support:

  1. Process Knowledge. Upgrading an SAP ERP system typically requires process connections to be improved and expanded.  Avid has deep experience in process control integration to ERP systems. As importantly, Avid leveraged its knowledge of the operating processes and an understanding of the expected benefits of the upgraded application to ensure a successful implementation.
  2. Dedicated Resources. An SAP ERP update with a specific scope requires resources dedicated to the site.  Avid provided experienced personnel at all five operating units to support check-out, start-up and commissioning support. Avid coordinated seamlessly with the client and the SAP consultants.
  3. Training Support. Project team members, administrators, and SAP consultants all required training to optimally configure and manage the updated system and maximize productivity. Avid provided this training and support across all five units.

Results:  Avid executed flawlessly!  Our solutions led to expansion of plant floor automation, allowing the customer to squeeze more efficiencies and product out of the process. 

Whether a straightforward process control system upgrade or a complex integration of plant floor systems into a new ERP platform, Avid can help you automate smarter and run better. Contact us to learn more.

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