Canadian Renewable energy and infrastructure pioneer, iHAT Technologies Inc. (iHAT), announced today the beginnings of final technical and economic diligence by INESC-TEC for their Montijo Clean Fuels Hub (MCFH) near Lisbon. IHAT is a green solutions innovation leader who is accelerating the green energy systems transition and helping to drive sustainable growth for businesses and economies in equitable ways. Land, approvals, and insurance have been secured and suppliers have been selected as the project enters its final phase before construction begins.

Ammonia is produced globally to support fertilizer that is critical to the yields required to feed the world. Green ammonia, made without releasing carbon dioxide, is important to the global decarbonization drive as ammonia production contributes about 1.8% of all carbon emissions worldwide. The Montijo project will produce 100 tons per day of green ammonia to national and international off-takers and represents a major step in the decarbonization journey. The MCFH will deliver a comprehensive energy transition playground for energy storage solutions, zero-carbon fuels and Hydrogen carriers for cross-sector applications. To deliver the MCFH vision, iHAT is being supported by various international energy solution companies such as Energy Internet Corporation (EIC), of Saratoga California and TNE from Portugal, which performs as the team on the ground. The project is the first of its kind using liquid piston compression technology and green energy end-to-end software for intelligent control from Energy Internet Corporation (EIC), headquartered in Saratoga California.

EIC will act as a key integrator for the project, leveraging its innovative technology as a multi-functional platform for gas compression, energy recovery and process optimization to manufacture green ammonia close to, if not below the cost of gray ammonia. EIC will employ its complete plant management software to optimally control the entire process to use solar energy for a substantial portion of the production. EIC is supported by partners including Avid Solutions of Winston-Salem North Carolina, Kapsom Industries out of Nanjing, China and Baker Hughes Corporation. “We are excited to be part of this ground-breaking project that represents the next generation of modular and scalable green ammonia plants at cost parity” says EIC’s CEO Shankar Ramamurthy.

“iHAT Technologies Inc. (iHAT) strives to demonstrate that renewable energy is the foundation of a sustainable decarbonized society. By integrating with clean cutting-edge technologies, iHAT creates a unique design for Municipal green fuel hub solutions and clean refueling infrastructure to enable a just transition from the fossil fuel driven economy”, says iHAT president, David Rai.

“Renewable energy will add significant uncertainty across a range of systems including power grids, transportation, and industrial processes. To optimize dynamic production and consumption systems in real-time will require a revolution in industrial systems where a systems-thinking approach at both hardware and software level is required. This is the vision of MCFH starting with its green ammonia project and we believe that this novel concept of production is essential to decarbonize hard-to-abate industries”, says TNE general operations manager, Ricardo Eiras.