Avid Solutions, a Rockwell Automation Gold Level Rockwell Automation Partner with deep domain experience in decarbonization and green hydrogen, is advancing multiple projects and has been selected as the preferred green hydrogen delivery partner for Rockwell Automation.

Article by Vice President of Sales and Marketing Mike Kiehl at Avid Solutions


Green hydrogen (GH2) is produced through a process that uses renewable energy to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen, generating a sustainable and carbon-free fuel. Its significance lies in its capacity to offer a green alternative to fossil fuels, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy landscape. This article highlights Avid Solution’s journey to becoming a significant player in the development of GH2 and decarbonizing energy solutions.

An initial connection to a green hydrogen project developer resulted in Avid securing orders for critical tasks for a global leader in hydrogen solutions, including control system integration and front-end engineering. The client adopted PlantPAx, leading Avid, a Rockwell Automation Gold Level Rockwell Automation Partner, to achieve the designation of preferred green hydrogen delivery partner for Rockwell Automation. Avid’s role continued to expand when the client acquired liquefaction systems, requiring Avid to develop integration standards.

The journey resulted in a tripartite partnership, positioning Avid as a leading systems integrator in the GH2 industry, contributing to decarbonization with over 450 tons per day (TPD) of green hydrogen production form facilities in operation and in development.  Avid Solutions has completed multiple projects, and the key components encompassed securing orders for balance of plant and unit integration services, transitioning to Rockwell Automation PlantPAx for process control and developing hardware and application standards for liquefaction systems.


A casual conversation between an Avid consultant and the operators of a small gray hydrogen liquefaction operation led the client, a green hydrogen project developer who had a need for a process control engineer, to seek Avid’s technical expertise in process controls. Over several meetings, Avid’s team of engineers demonstrated their technical proficiency in control technologies and methodologies for developing process and safety control systems standards. The client entrusted Avid not only with on-site project execution but also with supporting their OEM efforts related to electrolyzers and liquefaction units. Avid’s journey with the client started as a retained advisor, offering valuable insights into technology, standards, and architectural approaches for green hydrogen projects. This early involvement was instrumental in shaping the direction of client’s initiatives and laying the groundwork for their successful implementation.

Phase I

In the first phase of engagement with the client, Avid Solutions prioritized two initial tasks to support the client’s needs. Firstly, Avid took charge of the balance of plant and unit integration services. This involved the integration of OEM control systems into the client’s pilot plant’s balance of plant and unit. Avid’s engineering expertise came to the forefront as they designed, configured, and implemented the required control technologies.

Simultaneously, Avid engaged in front-end engineering work for three of the client’s early projects, aligning with the client’s ambitious development timelines. During this phase, Avid’s engineers delved into in-depth planning, system design, and methodological considerations. These efforts were aimed at establishing a robust framework, laying the groundwork for the subsequent project phases.


Supply chain disruptions, made worse by the unforeseen impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, created a challenge in procuring essential process control equipment, leading to unavoidable delays in project execution. Despite these setbacks, Avid remained clear in their commitment, and flexible in scheduling to fulfill their obligations.

Additionally, Avid needed to settle on a strategic technology provider for the project. After careful consideration, the decision favored Rockwell Automation, a choice that resulted in Avid becoming a preferred delivery partner for Rockwell Automation for green hydrogen solutions.

Phase II

During Avid’s involvement in a project which was designed as a small five-megawatt pilot project, it soon developed into a full production plant due to its profit potential. This expansion introduced new challenges, such as ensuring safety, fire, and gas systems were in place for secure hydrogen gas production and local market sale. The client’s electrolyzer team encountered difficulties with their existing control platform, prompting Avid to step in and solve the issues to make it functional, working with Rockwell Automation to standardize the electrolyzer platform. The collaboration was a success, resulting in Rockwell Automation becoming the standard platform for all of the client’s electrolyzers shipped in North America, and even expanding to international markets.

The client’s adoption of PlantPAx for process control captured the attention of the sustainability group at Rockwell Automation, who recognized Avid’s potential in this emerging market. A memorandum of understanding (MOU) was executed, solidifying Avid’s role as the designated delivery partner for Rockwell Automation green hydrogen projects. The collaboration between Rockwell Automation and Avid during the transition from the client’s original ELX control platform to PlantPAx laid the groundwork for the third phase of engagement and underscored Avid’s growing influence in the green hydrogen landscape.

Phase III

A year into the initial two engagements, the client acquired a supplier of liquefaction systems for converting gaseous hydrogen into a liquid state. Although this company had extensive experience in oil and gas, it was relatively new to the vertical market of liquefied hydrogen production. Avid Solutions collaborated closely with the client’s leadership and developed standards for their 15- and 30-ton-per-day liquefying systems, all of which were based on Rockwell Automation technology.

This decision aimed to reduce the cost of ownership for servicing these unique liquefying systems, which require extremely low temperatures for hydrogen production. Recognizing the importance of seamless integration, Avid was commissioned to craft hardware and application standards specifically tailored to these units. This phase ensured the efficient operation of the liquefaction systems within the green hydrogen production process, further solidifying Avid’s role in the project’s success.

Tripartite Partnership

The threefold engagements, maintained by the support of Avid’s partners, have resulted in a highly integrated team deeply involved in green hydrogen projects. Currently, Avid is working on three of the client’s projects, as well as additional projects where the client is supplying ELX and liquefaction units to third parties for their hydrogen projects. Furthermore, Avid’s involvement extends beyond the client’s direct projects, as they supply liquefaction units to third parties embarking on their hydrogen journey. As they collectively work towards producing over 450 TPD of green hydrogen, Avid positions itself as a pioneering systems integrator, propelling the decarbonization of industries that increasingly favor green hydrogen over fossil-based fuels.

Looking Forward

Avid’s role in the decarbonization industry extends to its active involvement with the client’s electrolyzer and liquefier teams, and across the various projects. These efforts collectively aim to produce 450 tons of green hydrogen per day.  Avid’s contributions extend to ongoing projects across the U.S., including a significant project in Texas, focused on delivering 45 tons of green hydrogen per day.

The Avid Solutions team remains deeply involved in GH2 Projects that prioritize low-carbon emissions as the end goal. As a leading systems integrator for green carbon projects, Avid accelerates the decarbonization in various industries opting to replace fossil-based fuels.  Avid continues to deepen relationships with EPC firms, leveraging its subject matter expertise to reduce project risk and accelerate time to market, solidifying its position as a trusted industry leader both nationally and internationally.