BCPGroup, a provider of  innovative energy consumption and carbon footprint reduction technologies based on PMM (Permanent Magnet Motors), AFE (Active Front End) and Artificial Intelligence (FOS Algorithm – Flux Oriented Sensorless), for Downhole & Surface Pumping Systems, including Intelligent Universal Controller for different processes, such as H2 Extraction & Compression, has entered into a Strategic Partnership with Avid Solutions, an Operations Technology (OT) Systems Integrator, to deliver Process Automation, Plant Optimization, and Information Solutions to Latin American customers working to decarbonize their operations via the production of Green Hydrogen.

Alexander Mendoza, President and CEO of BCPGroup, states, “We need to share all the efforts and technologies we have been developing at BCPGroup for 23 years to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint. We are 100% committed to all Energy Transition initiatives, including Green H2, through our state-of-the-art smart controllers, particularly in markets where BCPGroup have a significant presence in Latin America.”

Avid Solutions’ VP of Operations and Technology, Gordon Bordelon, comments “We all share the responsibility to future generations to accelerate decarbonization. There is a large potential in Latin America for decarbonization projects. With Avid’s growing operations in South America, this is a great opportunity to partner with BCPGroup. Avid’s passion is to apply industry expertise and cutting-edge Operational Technologies (OT) to design, develop, and deploy process and safety control systems for the production of Green Hydrogen.”


About BCP Group

BCPGroup has installed more than 5,000 intelligent artificial lift systems throughout the Americas, with both downhole (PCP, SRP, ESP) and surface technology (HCPS, universal intelligent controllers and other equipment). Its innovative technologies include PMM (Permanent Magnet Motors) and AFE (Active Front End), which through Artificial Intelligence Algorithms have allowed BCPGroup to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint, promoting Sustainability in all of its clients’ operations worldwide. BCPGroup is headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA, with factories and offices in Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, United States, and Venezuela. In its 23 years of existence, the company has developed an installed base of 5,000 systems in the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Egypt, Mexico, Peru, United States, and Venezuela, and employs more than 400 people with diverse specialties, experience and nationalities. To know more about BCPGroup, you can visit our website www.bcpgrp.com.


About Avid Solutions Inc.

Avid Solutions has delivered more than 6500 automation and information solution projects in the US and Brazil over the past 35 years. Avid is committed to transforming manufacturing through purposeful innovation and use of digital solutions. Avid Solutions focuses on solutions in Sustainability (decarbonization, Green Hydrogen, circular-economy), Feeding the World (Agri-chemicals, food and beverage), and Human Health (Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals). Headquartered in Winston-Salem, NC with resources across the US and operations in São Paulo, Brazil, Avid has a diverse workforce with skillsets to meet modern manufacturing needs. To learn more about our focus on Sustainability visit, www.avidsolutionsinc.com/industries/sustainability/