Operation Warp Speed – Avid Helps to Make It Happen!

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The government initiative, Operation Warp Speed, tasks scientists to develop and provide millions of doses of COVID-19 vaccine safely, effectively, and rapidly.  It also requires the design of custom equipment to create test vaccines and production capabilities to mass produce them. 

One of Avid’s customers secured contracts to make multiple custom filtration skids to manufacture vaccines. Subsequently, Avid received orders to create the custom software to run batches on the skids and provide batch reports. The control systems are based on Allen-Bradley PLC’s and Wonderware System Platform 2017. The schedule was very tight, and the scope of work was evolving, which normally spells disaster for any project.

As the skids were being tested, the end user continually made requests to modify the process. To maintain schedule, Avid’s engineers rose to the challenge. Using remote connectivity, an environment was provided where all parties could collaborate. As a result, Avid made and tested the modifications in real time and the process of developing and producing vaccines was optimized.

Avid is proud to be a part of this and other Operation Warp Speed projects producing vaccines that will save lives!

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