Using IIoT Is Important for Keeping Next-Gen Workers Engaged!

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Next-Generation at Work

By 2025 Millennials and Gen Z will make up at least 75% of the global work force. As with Gen X and the Baby Boomers before them, these young professionals will change the way that companies run their business and produce their products.

The Next Gen workforce grew up during a technological revolution that continues to accelerate. Hiring and retaining these young professionals requires businesses to adapt current practices, leading to the use of various technologies. How can leveraging IIoT-based technologies increase worker engagement, retention, and contribution?

Work from Anywhere!

The pandemic accelerated the adoption of something next generation workers were already expecting – the ability to work from anywhere. This capability is enabled by robust edge-to-enterprise access to the factory floor, colleagues, vendors, and consultants. 

Rapid Deployment = Fast Results!

Low-cost IIoT-enabled solutions give access to measurements, controls, and analytics to identify and solve operational problems in real-time. More robust and operational profit for the business leads to quick and consistent wins for the next generation worker.

Thought Leaders and Change Agents!

Manufacturers still have a large quantity of legacy technologies installed. Often, these systems are older than Millennials and Gen Z workers. However, the power of IIoT technologies can supercharge data acquisition and advanced analytics to produce real gains in operational performance. The next generation workers, with an eye toward emerging trends and technologies, are change agents and thought leaders. As such, they can accelerate the adoption of IIoT technologies. 

Can a Systems Integrator Support Next Generation Workers?

Avid can! Our Process Experts and Technical Innovators constantly evaluate new technologies, their application, and how to get the best return on investment. We are agile, easy to do business with, and dedicated to purposeful innovation.   

Contact us for an introductory conversation and discuss how our team can support your Millennials and Gen Z (and vibrant Boomer!) workers in their efforts that improve operations and enhance career satisfaction.

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