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Projects constantly face risks which can create production delays, cost over-runs, personnel safety incidences, poor equipment reliability, and decreased quality of work. At Avid, we believe these risks are not acceptable, and entirely preventable. This is why we adopted the use of the E+H Digital Commissioning App!

Field Xpert SMT70 with Digital Commissioning App


  • Realtime visibility and insights of work progress, issues, and completion
  • Efficient project setup with automatic data sheet, tag list, and template uploads for improved work planning
  • Collaborative and dynamic digital guide for work process execution
  • Intuitive, easy app for all techs and supervisors to learn, use, and enjoy
  • Evergreen digital turnover package with Netilion IIoT connected services

Commissioning App with Netilion Projects Digital Turnover

The DCA creates a service approach that enables users to digitize projects, eliminating time-consuming manual coding and progress reports. Visualizing progress in real-time and flagging potential issues, allows for efficient reallocation of resources, reduces risk, and keeps projects on time.

To book a demo of the DCA, contact us today!

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