Employee Spotlight: Justin Ryan – Director of Technology and Energy Transition

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At Avid Solutions we take great pride in our talented and dedicated team; they are the backbone of our company’s success! In this article we are excited to shine a light on Justin Ryan, the Director of Technology and Energy Transition at Avid Solutions. Justin brings a wealth of experience and passion to his role, driving innovation and guiding projects towards success. Join us as we highlight Justin’s journey, his role at Avid Solutions, and his vibrant life outside of work.

Justin currently holds the title of Director of Technology and Energy Transition at Avid. Working closely with the VP of Technology, Justin’s role involves translating high-level strategic discussions into actionable plans with attention to intricate technical details. His job revolves around collaborating with project teams, providing insights into system architectures, suggesting cutting-edge technologies, and ensuring solutions align with clients’ needs and goals.

Justin’s engagement does not stop at project initiation; he continues to stay in touch with clients, guiding them through project milestones, sharing updates, and making sure that decisions are well understood and aligned with the client’s vision. Before joining Avid, Justin had an impressive 23-year journey at Rockwell Automation. His roles spanned diverse areas, from field service work to project engineering and eventually leading engineering teams. He then transitioned to the consulting side, where he developed business plans for different product groups. Justin’s role culminated as a Global Process Solution Consultant, engaging with industry giants like Exxon and Shell to drive technology adoption.

Transitioning to Avid, Justin leveraged his vast experience to propel innovation and drive successful outcomes in the energy transition sector. One major focus is the creation of hydrogen liquefaction units, a novel technology that converts hydrogen gas into a more efficient and valuable liquid form. Justin’s team is at the forefront of designing and building these units, contributing to advancements in energy transition and sustainable practices.

Beyond this, Justin and his team are also deeply involved in constructing entire hydrogen plants. Collaborating with various stakeholders, they play a vital role in creating the facilities that house these revolutionary units. Before embarking on his dynamic career, Justin’s journey was marked by diverse experiences that shaped his passions and outlook. Hailing from South Florida, he later moved to the Midwest, a transition that brought a culture shock but also paved the way for new perspectives. Justin pursued his education at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, where he earned a degree in Electrical Engineering and  fostered his love for challenges and innovation.

Justin’s penchant for embracing new cultures and experiences extends to his culinary adventures. Settling in Houston, one of the most diverse cities in the US, Justin relishes the city’s rich culinary landscape. From savoring authentic Mexican cuisine to exploring Brazilian churrascarias, his palate is an embodiment of his open-minded approach to life.

Outside of the professional sphere, Justin is deeply engaged in enriching hobbies. He’s a dedicated Scoutmaster for a troop of over 85 scouts, guiding them through adventures and growth. Justin’s love for the outdoors also extends to hiking and backpacking. From a hundred-mile backpacking trip in New Mexico to canoeing expeditions in Canada, he’s an advocate for pushing boundaries and embracing nature’s beauty.

As a proud father, Justin finds immense joy in supporting his children’s achievements. His son, Andrew, currently a high school junior, balances his studies with his love for music and his dedication to cross country. Andrew’s passion for the French horn not only mirrors his father’s musical inclinations but also highlights their shared commitment to excellence.  Fun fact: Andrew and Justin even play together in the Houston Symphonic Band!  

Meanwhile, Justin’s daughter, Katie, navigates the exciting journey of freshman year of high school, embracing new friendships and adventures. As a volleyball enthusiast, she’s already making her mark on the school team, demonstrating her determination and tenacity. While Justin shares the love of volleyball with his daughter, he jokes that his body does not always cooperate! Justin’s role as a father fuels his dedication to guiding the next generation and fostering their talents and passions.

Reflecting on his journey with Avid, Justin shared, “I’m excited to be working to help companies drive forward with the new hydrogen economy. It’s rewarding to contribute to solutions that truly help clients succeed while also contributing to a better future.” Justin’s story exemplifies the commitment and passion that Avid employees bring to their roles. Through his innovative approach and dedication, he’s driving energy transition and making a positive impact.

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