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nutrient applicator

A producer of fertilizers and pesticides that sustain crops world-wide is significantly expanding their operations at one of their world-class processing plants.  The greenfield expansion will include two processing units, utility modifications, as well as a rail car loadout station.  

The new facilities involve multiple companies from the United States and Europe. They will collaborate on the design and operation of the units.  One of the first decisions involved the selection of a company to design, develop, and commission the process control system.  After a thorough evaluation, Avid Solutions was chosen as the sole-source automation solutions provider.

Avid Solutions works with the stakeholders from several companies involved in the project to ensure the design meets the operational requirement for effective system operation.  Avid coordinates thorough reviews and implements strict testing methods to ensure that the process control system will operate the processes in a safe and productive manner.  

This 150MM+ project will take nearly 2 years from design to production. Avid Solutions will support its success every step of the way. From specifying the process control system and network architecture, to providing loop checkout and startup support, Avid is dedicated to executing its part to ensure that the productivity, safety, and profitability goals of this large capital investment are exceeded. 

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