Connected Chemical Worker

RealWear is a powerful tool used to empower project resources, operators, and technicians. Avid uses the technology to reduce project costs, provide remote support, and reduce project risk. We help our clients utilize RealWear to empower their limited operations and support resources to increase safety, improve efficiency, and leverage off-site experts.

Avid’s Process Experts apply decades of delivering solutions with plant operations experience to overcome operations challenges. Avid can help develop custom-voice activated RealWear applications to suit your Connect Chemical Worker needs.

  • Use it in wet, dusty, hot, dangerous, and loud industrial environments.
  • Rugged head-mounted device which snaps into hardhats and can be used with safety glasses or corrective eyewear.
  • High-resolution micro display fits just below your line of sight and views like a 7” tablet.
  • Works with powerful software applications optimized for completely hands-free voice control.
  • Use it for remote mentor video calling, document navigation, guided workflow, mobile forms and industrial IoT data visualization.



If you are ready to INNOVATE, OPTIMIZE, and TRANFORM your operations, Avid is eager to help! Contact Avid here for an initial discussion. Check out the videos below to see the HMT-1 in action!