Avid Solutions is now a Member of Control Stations Certified System Integrators (CSI) Program.

Avid Solutions, Inc. is excited to be part of Control Stations Certified Systems Integrator (CSI) Program! As an integral part of its xTensibility™ Asset Optimization Platform, Controls Stations PlantESP and Control Loop Performance Monitoring applications, Avid’s Process Experts can provide solutions that significantly and sustainably improve their clients asset performance and reliability. The full press […]

The Future of Work After Covid-19

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This report examine aspects of the post-pandemic economy—the future of work, consumer behavior, and the potential for a broad recovery ledby enhanced productivity and innovation. Download this executive summary of the full report.

Global Energy Perspective 2021

Global Energy

Get the PDF! After a decade of rapid technological and policy shifts in energy sectors, 2020 has brought unprecedented disruption across the energy landscape. In our Reference Case, a rebound to pre-COVID-19 demand levels takes one to four years for power and oil and gas, whereas coal demand does not return to 2019 levels.

RealWear HMT-1 Wearable Voice Activated Computer

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Get the PDF! The RealWear HMT-1 is the world’s first hands-free Android™ tablet class wearable computer for industrial workers.The RealWear HMT-1 provides the foundation for Connected Worker programs.Use it in wet, dusty, hot, dangerous and loud industrial environments.A fully rugged head-mounted device, it optionally snaps into safety helmets or attaches to bump caps and can […]

How Avid Delivered on the Promise: An SAP Integration Exclusive


Let’s face it – flawless integration of disparate systems is always a goal – but one that is rarely met. Achieving this goal requires choosing a partner that meets distinct project requirements. When a world-class producer of orange juice needed to upgrade its SAP system, they chose Avid Solutions. They chose Avid based on its […]

SCADA Implementation for New Aseptic Fill Line

SCADA Implementation for New Aseptic Fill Line

Client Profile A major pharmaceutical company enlisted Avid Solutions to help install a new Aseptic Fill line in their primary Fill / Finish facility. Being that the project was to be executed in an operating site, Avid faced numerous challenges, including the necessity to minimize production downtime. ChallengeA key element of the project was the […]

Aseptic Production Facility Capacity Expansion

Aseptic Production Facility Capacity Expansion

Customer Profile: Integrated Automation for Batch Process / SCADA / PLC Control System(s)(Aseptic Formulation, Sterile Storage, Aseptic Filling and Clean Utilities) Background A major pharmaceutical company in NC expanded their manufacturing capacity by adding a new production line, thereby greatly increasing the production volume of one of their critical medications. This new line capacity expansion […]