DCOM Security Update!

Upcoming patches being released by Microsoft will impact automation systems using software products like Factory Talk View, Wonderware and OPC servers like Kepware. Microsoft’s Distributed Control Object Model (DCOM), provided on Windows based operating systems, is used for the communication between software components (applications) on a local device and remotely between software components on other […]

Capturing the True Value of Industry 4.0

In the past five years, a select group of companies have started pulling ahead in their efforts to implement Industry 4.0 across their manufacturing networks. Leading manufacturers are now realizing significant value from data and analytics, AI, and machine learning (ML). However, a large majority remain stuck in pilot purgatory, struggling to capture the full potential […]

Flammability in a Biofuel Process? Assuring Safety is a Must!

For every industrial process, especially when working with combustible gases, human health and safety is the top priority. For a startup biofuel processor creating renewable fuels, this necessitated addressing the risks associated with flammable vapor releases from its fermentation processes. The processer needed to implement a system to monitor combustibility of the gases in its […]

Modernizing a Biofuels Process? Avid Met the Challenge!

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One of the world’s leading green processing companies transforms plant sugars into biofuels for products in the food, home, personal care, chemical, and fuels industries.  When they acquired an idled manufacturing plant, a complete upgrade was required to operate in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. Antiquated control system hardware, outdated control applications, extensive […]

Avid to the Rescue! Emergency Support Restores Critical Data Link.

The hardware and software for our mobile devices, PCs, and other consumer electronics are constantly updated—often automatically. However, many industrial automation end users operate specialized systems that can remain in service for years or decades without maintenance. When these systems fail, and local support is not available, the resulting unplanned downtime results in irretrievable lost […]

Navigating to NetZero: Investment in Innovation.

An excellent article by McKinsey, and a must read for anyone interested it where investment in technologies to decarbonize the energy supply chain, and promote green production of foods and other manufactured goods are being made. The Avid team is doing its part in the drive to Net Zero by developing standards that Innovate, Optimize, […]

Avid Solutions is now a Member of Control Stations Certified System Integrators (CSI) Program.

Avid Solutions, Inc. is excited to be part of Control Stations Certified Systems Integrator (CSI) Program! As an integral part of its xTensibility™ Asset Optimization Platform, Controls Stations PlantESP and Control Loop Performance Monitoring applications, Avid’s Process Experts can provide solutions that significantly and sustainably improve their clients asset performance and reliability. The full press […]

The Future of Work After Covid-19

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This report examine aspects of the post-pandemic economy—the future of work, consumer behavior, and the potential for a broad recovery ledby enhanced productivity and innovation. Download this executive summary of the full report.