Energy Internet Corporation (EIC), a process technology company bringing to market a scalable platform to accelerate the Energy Transition, today announced it has entered into a Strategic Innovation Partnership with Avid Solutions, an Operations Technology (OT) Systems Integrator, to deliver Process Automation, Plant Optimization, and Information Solutions for EIC’s Green-Electricity, Green-Hydrogen, and Green-Ammonia Solutions. Solutions are being developed for EIC’s gas compression and liquefaction processes as well as interfaces to renewable energy grids and third-party systems.

EIC Quote: Mark Weathers, Sr VP of Operations at EIC says, “EIC is at the confluence of multiple engineering disciplines, where we repurpose proven systems and technologies to new applications in innovative ways. Central to this is our use of intelligent and real-time software integrating plant controls. Avid Solutions, as our domain partner providing expertise in real-time plant controls, provides a critical element of our solutions.”

Avid Quote: Avid’s VP of Operations and Technology, Gordon Bordelon, shares “For the past 35-years Avid has been committed to delivering exceptional automation solutions to our clients. Our passion is using this expertise to bring new Energy Transition technologies to market quickly utilizing cutting-edge Operational Technologies. By leveraging our Plant Operations and Industry Experience and use of OT-standards based on Customizable Off the Shelf Technologies (COTS), we significantly reduce time to market, CapEx investments, and overall project risk for our Green H2 and Energy Transition clients. We do this while focusing on the overall ease of operations and plant support which we feel is a huge value to our clients and a differentiation for Avid.”

About Energy Internet Corporation
Energy Internet Corporation (EIC) combines decades of well-established process engineering and hardware systems with leading edge AI, IoT and cloud infrastructure technology to produce novel solutions for green electricity, hydrogen, and ammonia. EIC’s physical infrastructure component, called Liquid Piston Heat Engine (LPHE), uses hydraulic energy transfer to inexpensively compress any gas isothermally. Its software and cloud platform component uses contemporary developments in AI and IoT to intelligently manage and orchestrate the operation of the LPHE systems. The Energy internet (Ei) platform combines the LPHE and the software system and is on track to deliver green electricity, hydrogen, and ammonia on cost-parity with today’s fossil-fueled approaches at EIC commercial deployment in 2025.

About Avid Solutions Inc
Avid Solutions, has delivered more than 4500 automation and information solution projects in the US and Brazil over the past 35 years. Avid is committed to transforming manufacturing through purposeful innovation and use of digital solutions. Avid focuses on solutions in Sustainability (decarbonization, circular-economy), Feeding the World (Agri-chemicals, food and beverage), and Human Health (Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals). Headquartered in Winston-Salem, NC with resources across the US and operations in São Paulo, Brazil, Avid has a diverse workforce with skillsets to meet modern manufacturing needs. To learn more about our focus on Sustainability visit,