aignosi, a leading technology company specializing in advanced analytics and industrial AI, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Avid Solutions, an Operations Technology (OT) Systems Integrator. This partnership strengthens both companies’ abilities to provide scalable digital solutions by combining each other’s deep expertise. Through this partnership, Avid Solutions will act as a value-added integrator of aignosi’s products leveraging aignosi’s unique offering, extensive client base, and market presence. With this partnership, Avid Solutions will be a crucial enabler for a rapid scale-up and market penetration for aignosi’s products and services including aignosi’s flagship industrial AI platform, SIENTIA™.

Igor Barros, CEO at aignosi, commented: “Our partnership with Avid Solutions brings tremendous excitement to aignosi. Their expertise and market reach will significantly enhance our ability to scale and deliver value to our clients. This collaboration is a pivotal step in our growth strategy, leveraging our strong presence in the US and Brazil to maximize synergies. With Avid as a partner, we are confident that our industrial AI platform SIENTIA™  has the right support for accelerated growth.”

Mike Kiehl, VP of Sales and Marketing at Avid Solutions, commented: “We are thrilled to partner with aignosi to drive asset utilization and sustainability efforts for our clients. With our industry and process automation experience coupled with aignosi’s AI technology and deep domain expertise, we will be able to provide significant value to our client’s decarbonization efforts while providing a competitive edge through efficiency gains.”


About aignosi

aignosi is an industrial Artificial Intelligence (AI) software company serving Metals & Mining, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Pulp & Paper, Food & Beverage, and Rail. aignosi increases asset utilization and sustainability through optimization by leveraging a scalable AI platform. Their flagship SaaS platform, SIENTIA™, is an end-to-end industrial AI which improves operational efficiency by combining industrial data and machine learning operations in one place. aignosi also provides services related to industrial AI, such as AI maturity assessments, machine learning model development, and AI staff augmentation.

About Avid Solutions Inc

Avid Solutions, Inc., has delivered more than 4500 automation and information solution projects in the US and Brazil over the past 35 years.  Avid is committed to transforming manufacturing through purposeful innovation and use of digital solutions. Avid focuses on solutions in Sustainability (decarbonization, circular-economy), Feeding the World (Agri-chemicals, food and beverage), and Human Health (Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals).  Headquartered in Winston-Salem, NC with resources across the US and operations in São Paulo, Brazil, Avid has a diverse workforce and skillsets to meet modern manufacturing needs.  To learn more about our focus on Sustainability visit