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When The Secret Ingredient To Helping You Run Better

When making decisions about process control systems and solutions, there can be many, many options. Every company that successfully designs and delivers systems has something that differentes them from the pack. What differentiates Avid? Results! Our reputation depends on producing tangible, documentable results, not just pretty pictures on a screen. Delivering results for our clients is not just an outcome for a project nor is it an accident – it is our culture.

The key to successful implementation of quality and productivity improvements is to focus on producing measurable results. How does Avid provide you results? We focus on the two main ingredients, our people and yours! Our people are an incredibly important part of the delivery. Every system delivered is only as good as the team of engineers that deliver it. Therefore, we do not just have system engineers” at Avid. Our people are industry, technology, and application experts. These skills make us not just delivery resources, but consultants- Helping you Run Better™. This is what differentiates us from other system integrators and this is how we have consistently and constantly engineered solutions to help our customers achieve results for over 32 years. Our reference list speaks for itself!

The other active ingredient for producing sustainable results are your people. Avid knows that operators are the key to success in achieving optimum process performance, day in and day out. We design our solutions around the people that will control your results; your operators. We know that operators are the eyes and ears of your plant. Providing them with solutions that help them detect equipment and process abnormalities, escalate  ssues early, and prevent catastrophic failures as efficiently as possible results in higher OEE. Our solutions provide operators with the tools that help them prevent and solve problems. We diligently work to learn from the operators what they do to control the process and then we design a solution for how we can help automate and optimize.

We also spend the required time teaching and training operators on the system as well as helping them understand how critical the applications running on the system are to optimize the process (and making their jobs easier!). An operator well-trained on a new control system is cash in the bank for every producer. 

Our solutions are created with innovation, quality, and results in mind from the start. They are designed to meet our clients’ needs today and be flexible enough to take advantage of improvements in system and applications in the future. Well-designed systems, impactful applications, and well trained operators – Avid’s focus to generate results and to help our clients Run Better ™ – regardless of the process control platform! Trust Avid Solutions to deliver results. Let us help you Run Better!™.