The Dawn of Green Hydrogen? Avid is Awake, Aware, and All in!

Avid is fully invested in working to provide robust process control and automation solutions for producers of green hydrogen – a key element supporting the decarbonization of the energy supply chain. To learn more about the role of Hydrogen in decarbonizing the energy supply chain, download Hydrogen’s New Dawn here! To learn more about how […]

Shaving Time: Batch Tracking & Cycle Time Analysis

Batch manufacturing of chemicals entails many distinct phases. Chemicals manufacturers, therefore, strive to cut as much time as possible from each phase of the batch process. Shaving off even a small amount of time from a phase results in increased production, directly driving significant improvements in profitability. Avid’s Chemical Process Experts use tools like those […]

Making Paper Better: Innovations In Plant-Wide Monitoring, Diagnostics & Optimization

Here’s the problem: The typical paper mill operates 100s of PID control loops and maintainsan even larger quantity of production assets. The typical plant historian stockpiles data, andextracting information that’s actionable and relevant to performance can be a challenge.Meanwhile, pressure just increased on everyone to improve production efficiency. Control loop performance monitoring (CLPM) solutions leverage […]

The Business Case for Predictive Maintenance – Calculate its True Value!

Predictive maintenance solutions are many in number and varied in technology. Regardless of the technology, developing a business case that supports investment in PdM solutions can be challenging. This white paper by Samotics provides a process for calculating and developing a business case for reducing unplanned downtime.

Plant PAx Solution in a Box – Performance Tested

Process Control

The PlantPAx Solution-in-a-Box for Control at the Edge. A performance tested architecture for rapid multisite deployment of process controlacross O&G, life sciences, machine building, water, and power.

Expanding Edge Capabilities for End Users.

Edge Computing

By Tim Shope, Avid Solutions Processing and manufacturing end users are increasingly expecting product suppliers and systems integrators (SIs) to go beyond simply meeting basic automation needs. Certainly, equipment must start, stop, interlock, and perform as needed for production. But these systems must also provide rich information and diagnostics, so users can operate and maintain […]

Effective MES Production Process Whitepaper

Effective MES Production Process Whitepaper

STOP STRUGGLING Deliver ROI through the Production Process with an Effective MES By Jeff Miller and Brian BriggsAvid Solutions, Inc Executive Summary Operations leaders continue to be frustrated by challenges related to departmental collaboration, supply and demand chain coordination, and disparate systems and data sources. Manufacturing execution systems (MES) address these challenges by bridging the […]